Welcome to Bazaar: A Marketplace for the Mind! Go ahead and explore this week’s chapter of your Bazaar journey.

Without Borders

Introduction to mental health, emotional well-being and general well-being. Set some goals and begin your Mood Diary.

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Broken Records

Explore the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Introduction to low mood, worry and stress, looking at symptoms, causes and coping strategies.

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Shape And Form

Understand the benefits of Mindfulness and Gratitude, exploring different ways to bring the concepts of Presence and Acceptance into our daily lives.

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Walk With Me

Investigate the power of thoughts, learn about problematic thoughts, Twisted Thinking and the Vicious Cycle.

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Strike a Light

Learn more about positive psychology, deep dive into distraction techniques and think about Social Media, self esteem and confidence.

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Room To Grow

Take a look at the science behind habit formation and how this links to our goals, activities and how we face problems.

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The Fire

Identify, reflect on and challenge Root Beliefs, and learn how to manage our mind.

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Beyond the Grid

Look at how acts of self care can keep us well, reflect on the programme and plan for the future.

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1. Without Borders 2. Broken Records 3. Shape And Form 4. Walk With Me 5. Strike a Light 6. Room To Grow 7. The Fire 8. Beyond the Grid